For rentals beyond one year, and as a flexible alternative to buying a car outright, AVIS Lease is the ideal solution for both individuals and corporations

Long term car leasing V.S Purchasing car
Long term rental Purchase car with cash Installments
Handling bill account Easy Complicated Complicated
Personnel Costs Low High High
Flexibility of Capital use High Low Medium
Debt Ratio Low High Low
Tax Deduction (Business Tax) Full amount No Partial
Tax Deduction (Income Tax) Higher Restricted Restricted
Easy and straightforward
  • Worldwide service

    Arrange your business trip easily.

  • High professional

    Financial consulting in car purchasing and mobility service.

  • Less distracted

    Let AVIS helps you to manage your cars and drivers to let you still focus on you business.

  • Avoid risk

    Avoid depreciation risk when you eliminate your cars.

  • Financial Plan

    Use less money in purchasing assets to achieve highly financial flexibility.

  • Avoid taxes

    Reduce the tax burden.

  • Better Fund Utilization

    Prevent funds from being invested in consumptive and highly depreciated vehicles.

  • Efficient Budget Control

    Improve budget accuracy through fixed monthly payments.

  • Privacy Protection

    Don’t worry about the information leakage and we secure your personal information.

AVIS long term leasing process
  • Inquiry for Car Models/Brand through phone or internet.

  • Provide corporate leasing information: Services provide by AVIS and Purpose of Tax Decuction.

  • Provide quotation based on customer's need

  • Confirm the quotes and contents of the contract in order to sign the contract.

  • Deliver the car on the scheduled time and terms.

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For urgent inquiries, please call our Business Team on +886-2-6620-6620.

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