Terms and Conditions:

1. Reservation period: from now to 2020/08/31, vehicle rental and collection period: from now to 2020/08/31.

2. How to make an appointment: Please make a reservation at this page 24 hours before the service, or contact the free customer service line 0800-600-601.

3. Preferential content: 45% off for renting all car types for more than 7 days, 40% off car rental for 14 days or more, 35% off for car rental for 21 days or more, 30 days or more 30% off,
In addition to the preferential discount, those who have been renting for 30 consecutive days can enjoy a car exchange discount once during the rental period. Exchangeable car models:
(G) SUV group, MODEL - e.g. Ford Kuga ($ 4,500/Day) (additional $999 per day)
(S) Passenger Van group, MODEL - e.g. VW Sharan ($ 5,500/Day) (additional price of $1,299 per day)
(E) Luxury Standard group, MODEL - e.g. Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan ($ 7,000/Day) (Additional price of $1,799 per day)

4. To exchange cars, you need to make an appointment at the pick-up site in advance. The original rented vehicle must be returned to the pick-up site. After use, you will return to the original site to exchange for the original car set. Other stations will not be accepted.
(The (E) Luxury Standard group is not available in HuaDong area)


5. Accept Card Type: Visa / MasterCard / JCB / American Express / Union Pay (expiry date must be over six months); we do not accept cash/debit card.


6. Renter must be at least 20 years-old with valid driving license/International Driving Permit and have at least one year driving experience, holding credit card (expiry date must be over six months).


7. You can also purchase the AVIS peace of mind reduction service, and the journey is more secure. For details, please contact the free customer service hotline 0800-600-601.


Intimate reminder:


※ When picking up the car, you must present: ID card (passport), valid driver's license (international driver's license and driver's license in the country of origin), and the credit card for the above precautions For details, please refer to Rental Notice.


※ When picking up the car, please be sure to bring a credit card other than a debit card. The deposit will not be refunded if the debit card is presented when picking up the car.


※ A deposit will be charged for ordering a car rental online. The deposit is only a pre-fetch authorization. The authorization will be cancelled when the car is picked up, and the full rent will be charged on site.

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